!!! Development and distribution discontinued. !!!

Anywhere you go, the latest weather forecast is in your pocket. MicroWeather is powered by Weatherbug® to bring you information from more than 60.000(!) cities worldwide. 

Main features

  • Powered by Weatherbug®, the leading provider of weather information services
  • No subscription fee(!)
  • You can set up a list of your favourite cities from all over the world (more than 60.000 locations) and download weather forecast with a click
  • Weather forecast can be updated manually, or automatically. Automatic update means that forecast is downloaded for selected cities regularly without user interaction, so forecast data is always up-to-date.
  • Information is presented in there views. (See screenshots.)
  • A "screen saver" (power saver) is included in the package, so you can check weather forecast on the screen, even if the phone is in standby. (Select "Themes" in the phone's main menu to activate this feature.)
  • The user interface is designed to be very user-friendly. You can get used to MicroWeather in a few minutes, and you can be always sure what you are doing.
  • MicroWeather requires internet connection to download the data of the forecasts. You can use any connectivity options supported by your phone (GPRS, Wi-Fi, etc.).
  • An update generates ~20Kb network traffic per city.