About me


I am Gábor Fetter and Botond FM is my small business. I am involved in mobile software development since 1999. One of my hobbies is making games for mobile.

I try my best to make them simple, easy to use and sophisticated in every detail.


Micro Pool (iOS, Android, S60, UIQ, Windows Mobile, SmartPhone)

If you like pool, then Micro Pool is the best companion whenever you have some time to kill.

- Realistic HD graphics and sounds

- Natural touch controls helps you to immerse into the game immediately

- 4 game types (Eight ball pool, Nine Ball pool, Killer pool and Speed pool)

- AI opponent or local multiplayer

- Adjustable opponent strength for beginners and pros

MicroMaze (S60)

Labyrinth games are maybe the best time killers: You guide a ball through a maze just with tilting the phone. MicroMaze attempts to be the best of them with sophisticated graphics, physics and unique gameplay. Challenge your skills and have many hours of fun with 80 challenging levels in 6 worlds!

MicroPinball (S60)

MicroPinball is a sophisticated pinball game. Accurate physics, detailed graphics and sounds makes you feel like playing with a real mechanical pinball.

- Precise physics

- Sophisticated, fast graphics with shadow effects, lights, reflections, etc.

- Realistic sound effects

- Unique multiball option

- Ability to nudge and push the table




Customer support

If you have problems or just have a comment, don't hesitate to contact me at support@botond-fm.com